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I just love my solar generator.

Anyone who loves the outdoors knows doing without. As simple as this realization is, it is sometimes difficult to accept it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re camping, fishing or traveling in a caravan. 

At some point the mobile phone gives up, the headlamp doesn’t have the necessary juice and for the morning coffee there is only the possibility to generate energy from an open fire. 

What is needed is an ecological way of generating electricity that is also portable. Because in times of climate change and global warming, but also with a view to the enormously increased energy prices, alternatives to the diesel-powered generators that were often used in the past must be found. jackery 2000W solar generator

Not only road trip and van life professionals have discovered the benefits of the latest generation of mobile energy supply. A solar generator can also be of great importance in everyday life and make your everyday life easier. My clear recommendation: The Jackery Explorer 2000W Pro!

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Independence means freedom

Being out and about is pure freedom for me. I set my own pace and direction. If I like a place or if the day is coming to an end, I stop and enjoy the silence of nature. The puristic way of life makes me calm. 

Nevertheless, it’s nice to brighten up the dark evening with a little light for a change and to enjoy my dinner prepared on the electric grill with Netflix and Co. via the projector or on the laptop. 

I need energy for this and I often don’t know where to get it from in nature. So I had to come up with an idea – and I found the absolute top solution. The Jackery Explorer 2000. jackery 2000w pro und mein vw t5 4motionun

With a total weight of 20 kg, it is one of the larger and heavier representatives of the power generators and therefore not hiking equipment. 

However, anyone who travels in a camper, on the endless expanses of the ocean or prefers accommodation beyond human civilization will love the powerful energy cube.

Powerhouse in an unobtrusive look

If you bring that much weight with you, you have to do something. And that’s definitely the case with the Jackery. When looking at the technical data, it quickly becomes clear that this is the biggest brother in the Explorer series. 

A storage capacity of 2.16 kWh is sufficient, for example, for charging 100 mobile phones, cooking for three quarters of an hour or watching TV for 25 hours. Even an air conditioner allows cold air to be blown into heated interior rooms for 2 hours in summer. 

And all this with a charge within 2 hours via a normal Schuko socket at home. Since the very stylish device, which is kept in plain black, has 2 USB-A and USB-C sockets as well as 2 sockets and a car connection, it is also possible to operate several devices at the same time.

Combine with a solar panel and travel

You may be wondering what if the electricity in the generator runs out? After all, you can’t drive home for every charge. Of course, I or Jackery also have the solution for you here. 

It gets really exciting when you combine the solar generator with solar panels. With the option of connecting up to 6 such panels, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro can be transformed into a mobile power station. 

Through the simultaneous use of stored solar energy and live sun, the power pack enables a peak output of a whopping 4.4 kilowatts. Environmentally friendly, since the sun acts as an energy supplier. 

Economical because you don’t have to pay for the sun. Time-saving, as it is very easy to use and can be set up anywhere. Thanks to the pass-through charging function, all connected devices can continue to work and do not have to be unplugged. jackery 2000W

If all 6 panels are connected, a full charge takes only slightly longer than at home. Of course you can also connect fewer panels. Then the time for a full charge is extended to up to 14 hours. 

Thanks to the mobility of the panels, you can always align them perfectly to the sun and thus achieve maximum light absorption. Another advantage, because permanently mounted solar panels on the roofs of camper vans are often inflexible and require a certain amount of manual skill during installation. With the solar panels from Jackery you save the valuable time and money for an installer.

I can reassure anyone who is afraid that such a powerful monster must be insanely loud. With a noise level of just 53 dB, the solar generator is a whisper among the generators and comparable to the chirping of birds or a quiet radio – i.e. hardly noticeable outside. 

Clean energy for your outdoor experience, simple, convenient and extremely quiet – the new generation of mobile energy supply.

A solar generator is Versatile in use – but for what exactly?

Let’s look at different areas of application together. Wherever you are in the world, sooner or later you will need electricity. A short phone call home? Cell phone power. Submit a post on Insta and Co.? 

Power for the laptop. Enjoy a hot coffee and breakfast in the morning? Electricity for the coffee maker, kettle, toaster. Prepare the e-bike for the next day tour? power for battery charging. Dry your wet hair after a refreshing swim in a mountain lake? Electricity for the hair dryer.mein auto ich nutze die camping solar generator

You see, you just can’t get very far without electricity without having to lose a lot of your everyday standards. With all the urge to do without and authentic nature experiences.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is a must-have for the small details on your very personal feel-good journey and should be an integral part of your camping gear. Of course, the American company also takes the issue of safety very seriously. 

Four core temperature sensors monitor the heating of the device and protect the generator from overheating. For a reliable charging process with even more safety.

Not only outdoor a recommendation

The Jackery 2000 Pro is not only a reliable travel companion. The Made in California generator can also be used in many different ways in your own home. 

Whether as a mobile power source in the garden, when the nearest socket is too far away or you can’t use the cable reel at the moment. Whether when renovating, if you prefer to turn out the fuse to be on the safe side, but need light. 

Or the power goes out. The solar generator then provides the necessary juice as an emergency generator and can use the solar energy the next morning to fully charge again. As you can see, the combination of the solar generator and panel is a true all-round talent and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Since solar generators are not exactly cheap to buy, the question of an additional benefit arises. By the way, you can significantly reduce your electricity costs by using it at home. Simply connect your fully automatic coffee machine to the Jackery and save valuable kilowatt hours that unnecessarily burden your account. 

Simply use solar energy and at the same time optimize the ecological footprint. Or at the next public viewing with your friends in the garden, simply connect the projector and the ambient lighting and let the sun pay for the evening. And if the battery on the mobile phone is weak, you can tap a quick charge directly.

Conclusion For the Solar generator

You’ve probably already noticed: I’m an absolute fan! 

Both at home and in its main field of activity outdoors, the Jackery 2000 Pro is an enrichment for my life that I can no longer imagine life without. 

Especially on the road, the power storage has become an indispensable tool, especially in connection with the panels, and also my absolute favorite travel companion. 

With its incredible power and its many possible uses, it gives me the independence I love so much. Freedom is when you don’t have to worry!

The solar generator jackery 2000
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