The Jackery 2000W solar generator put to the test

Jackery Explorer 2000W Pro

Solargeneratoren mit panelThe Jackery 2000W solar generator Pro is a portable power station with high continuous output, which convinces with additional solar panels as a self-sufficient power station.

A simple operation and a fast loading time convince in the practical test. Together with the additional solar panels, the portable solar generator is a powerful companion for outdoor activities such as camping.

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Technical specifications

  • 2.16 kWh storage capacity

  • 2,2 kW AC power
  • 4,4 kw surge power
  • 230 Volts
Wann lohnt sich ein Solargenerator?

Possible uses for the Jackery 2000

With the dimensions of 38.3 cm x 26.9 cm x 30.75 cm and a proud weight of 19.5 kg, the Jackery 2000 solar generator Pro is a comparatively large and heavy power station. Although it has a foldable and softly padded handle, it is not recommended for longer hikes due to its size and weight.

On the other hand, it is ideal for camping, for a caravan without connections or for sleeping in a cabin far from civilization. However, the power station is not waterproof.

In addition to the mains-independent and mobile power supply for outdoor activities, the Jackery 2000 solar generator Pro can also be used as an emergency power generator for the home. However, it is not a permanent solution for saving electricity due to the built-in lithium-ion cells, which lose capacity over time.


Handling and operation are self-explanatory thanks to the clear labeling. The instant press and play that is usual forjackery applies: the loading efficiency is released by a simple push of a button.

The power station even has an LED flashlight with SOS mode. The display shows the input and output power and provides information about the remaining battery capacity in percent and the expected remaining charging time.


The lithium-ion battery is installed with 2 chips for double battery protection. The battery also features full circuit protection through Jackery’s Integrated Battery Management System (BMS).

4 core temperature sensors ensure a reliable charging process. The operating temperature of the portable solar generator ranges from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius.


The Jackery 2000W solar generator Pro has connections on the front and back. He has

• 2 USB-A sockets,

• 2 USB-C sockets that replace the power supply from the mobile phone or notebook,

• 2 Schuko sockets with 2,200 W each, which can charge almost all technical devices, as well as over a vehicle connection for charging and discharging.

Charging power Jackery 2000

The charging power of the Jackery 2000W solar generator convinces with a high performance. With the portable solar generator, you could fully charge 100 empty smartphones or 4 empty e-bikes. Here we present the charging power of some other devices:

• Hot plate: 48 min

• Fridge: 3.3 hours

• Air conditioning: 2 hours

• Lamp: 164 hours

• TV: 25 hours

• Projector: 15 hours

• Electric grill (900 to 1,000 W): 100 min

• Microwave (960 to 1160 W): 96 min

• Coffee maker: 75 minutes

Solar panels

If you buy the solar panels of the Solarsaga 200 in addition to the power station, the generator becomes a well-rounded affair. Up to 6 solar modules can be connected to the Jackery 2000 Pro, which develops into a self-sufficient power plant.

You always have your own power supply with you. With a conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%, the solar panels belong to very powerful solar cells. They are easy to set up and their three side supports allow for an optimal angle for maximum sunlight absorption. The charging time with the use of all solar modules is impressively short.

The Jackery 2000W solar generator Pro can be charged at a temperature of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. It has a quick charge function at the socket: the generator charges from 0 to 100% in just 2 hours.

It leaves almost all competing products behind. It also has an attractive pass-through charging feature that allows other devices to be left connected while charging. This means that all devices can be charged at the same time.

With the Solarsaga 200 solar panels, you can achieve complete independence from the grid, which is a great advantage, especially for outdoor activities. If you connect 6 of the portable solar modules to the generator, it charges within 2.5 hours.

With 4 modules it takes 4 hours, with 2 modules 7.5 hours and with only one module the full charge from 0 to 100% is still possible in 14.5 hours.

You need a lot more patience for charging via the car connection: Here, a full charge takes 24 hours.

When charging and when the power output exceeds 100 W, the device’s fan runs. This is very quiet with a maximum of 53 dB and can hardly be heard outside.


The Jackery 2000 Pro is a powerful power station that can unfold its full potential in combination with the solar panels of the Solarsaga 200.

Both together ensure a mobile power supply when camping in nature and stand out from the competition with an impressive performance. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of at least 3 and up to 5 years.

Here you can see the Jackery 500W Solar generator being used. The Jackery 2000W solar generator is 4 times better, it´s just amazing.